IMG_0008 Look at that thing, you just want to bite into it!

This is the Buffalo Bill Burger offered at Street Kitchen food truck.

This burger is one of the best I’ve had in London, first experienced it at the Street Kitchen truck behind Liverpool Street Station right next to Reiss shop (walked up the stairs and you’ll see it straight away). However, this one is at their second truck at Shoreditch Streetfood Mini Market..


The burger is juicy, the bun is soft and abit sweet but still retain the crunch and not having a soggy bottom. Tangy and crunch from the pickled red onions, fresh lettuce and mayo. A great combination.. The patty is huge! This will leave you full for sure..

At £7.50, I highly recommend you to go try…

Find them at:

Shoreditch Streetfood Mini Market

187 Shoreditch High Street

Opens for lunch and dinner


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