Gua Bao” – clam shaped soft-dough bun filled with the typical fillings of pork belly is the equivalent of Hamburgers to Taiwanese people.

After seeing all the “gua bao” craze on social networks, I have been craving a long time for one…


Small, cozy shop right next to the Rotary Cafe

And here it is, the bun I have always been looking forward to… Yum Bun‘s “gua bao”.. accidentally discovered this place while walking back from St.Paul Cathedral… and oh what a little treasure I have found!

IMG_0023First the “gua bao” with slow-cooked pork belly, fresh cucumber, spring onion and hoi-sin sauce with the optional spice from Sriracha..

As I bite into it, the bun was soft, fragrant.. tender pork belly and fragrant from the spices used to slow cook and the hoi-sin goes well but I think the hoi-sin for me was abit on the salty side…

Second the chicken “gua bao”,

the chicken was cooked in teriyaki sauce with a hint of ginger which gives the bun a nice fragrance, bun was equally soft and abit chewy like the first filling I had, accompany by the chilli sauce and mayo combined it all well together of the sweetness of the mayo, savoury of the teriyaki sauce and the spice from the chill inside.


Tonight’s Selection of Pork Belly and Chicken gua-bao

This is a remarkable meal, 1 bun for £3.50 or 2 for £6…. A MUST EAT!

Find them at:

31 Featherston St.


Lunch: Mon-Fri 11:30am – 2:30pm

Dinner: Thurs-Sat 5:00pm – 10pm
Yum Bun on Urbanspoon


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