KERB... the Food truck community

KERB… the Food truck community

Another day at the market, a different market thou… this one is organised by KERB

I have always wanted to check out the KERB market, a community of food truckers who is changing the way people eat around in London… so now let see what I had at the market today..


The crowd got my attention..

First up, the Venison Burger at the Wild Game co.

If you are a fan of venison, you’ll love this place. The patty is juicy, doesn’t have that strong gamey taste, crispy bacon, sweet onions and the sauce.. I don’t know what it is but it has that similar taste of like a mix between ketchup, mayo and tabasco/hot sauce. Which turns out, bring everything together really well, to form a really really fulfilling burger! All for just  £6.50


Class Burger: Venison patty, melted gouda cheese, crispy english bacon, gem lettuce, spicy sauce and caramelised onion

Next up… the “Devilled Pork Roll” from What The Dickens!



At first I thought the roll is going to be hard, turns out the roll was crusty on the outside and soft on the inside… the pork-belly was tender with abit of tang and spicy from the braising liquid… *crack* from the crackling, gives it that porkiness?! … I only had a little bit but my friend who went with me said its really goooood! trust me, its good.. this for just £6


What The Dickens! Booth

Where to find them?

Check regularly on the KERB website and this one was infront of the Gherkin building in the City of London.

The market opens from 11am to 2:30pm on Thursday and Friday

Happy Eating!


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