London weather today was miserable.. cold and wet…one of the best way to keep yourself warm and endure through such weather is to eat a hearty bowl of Japanese style noodle dish call “ramen”.

Ramen soups ranges from miso, pork bones, soy sauce etc…

but here at Shoryu  they serve typical pork-boned base soup called “Tonkotsu Ramen”… at Shoryu they serve different flavours of pork-bone base soup… and so today I ordered the spicy version “Karaka Tantan Tonkotsu” and the original “Kodomo Tonkotsu” Ramen (kodomo = kids = kids portion)

First up, the “Karak Tantan Tonkotsu”





I had the original tonkotsu here before, the broth is salty and sweet at the same time and the long hours of pork bone simmering to create the broth gave it a rich and creamy texture, but this the dish were topped with spicy mince pork sautéed with chilli rather than the typical Chasui (thinly sliced japanese roast pork) and the broth was mixed in chilli oil that gives it that heat. A well balanced dish that I think is a good alternative to the original tonkotsu ramen…


“Kodomo Tonkotsu Ramen”

Ramen sometimes can be quite heavy after you have a bowl, so therefore one of the best ways to cleanse your palatte is to order a japanese twist on a western cake, the “Azuki Matcha Roll Cake”



If you are a fan of matcha (green tea) then you’ll love this cake, however today I was unlucky…

The sponge was abit hard and feels like just came out of a really cold fridge but taste wise the sponge had a perfect ratio of matcha that gives it a nice fragrant and not too over powering.. the azuki beans and cream inside was, for me, not sweet enough…

Overall, for me today the ramen was the winner… so come here to enjoy one of the great ramen shops in London..

“Karaka Tantan Tonkotsu” £9.90

“Kodomo Tonkotsu” £6

Find Shoryu at:

9 Regent St

London, SW1Y 4LR


2 thoughts on “Ramen at Shoryu

  1. You should try Taro (they have restaurants on Brewer Street and Old Compton Street) if you haven’t already. Their Ramen is huge, and delicious.

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