It seems today I am still in the mood for food from the far east… now this time its the traditional form of breakfast that many Hong Kong people enjoy… “Dim Sum”

Usually whenever I want to have really good dimsum I tend to go for Royal China at Bayswater, however after spending time studying around South Kensington, a good friend of mine recommend this place “Jia” right next to the South Kensington Underground Station..


Today’s dishes…

First up, the Roast Pork “Cha-shu-bao”


Honey Roast Pork Filled Steamed Bun

The bun was soft and fluffy, the pork was tender with abit of sweetness from the honey and fragrant Chinese spices,.. a perfect filling to bun ratio as some dim sum place tend to gives you more of the carb than the protein..

Second, the Spicy Chicken “Sui Mai”


Traditionally “sui mai” fillings are prawn and mince pork but at Jia’s they offer a spicy chicken version.. turns out its a really tasty filling… heat from the spice, hint of fresh coriander, water chestnut to give it that bit of crunch and shitake mushrooms.. dip in with the chinese vinegar to give it that tangy finish makes it a really great dish…

I also ordered the tradition sui mai but I think that it lacks the sweetness of the pork and that the shitake mushroom inside was too overpowering and it doesn’t give that nice aroma that you would get from a typical sui mai..


At lastly the “har-gau”, the steam shrimp dumpling… for me I think the parcel was abit too hard and not tender.. the bamboo inside was an unusual thing for me I thought it didn’t went well with the shrimp, it was just too overpowering..

I was unlucky not to be able to try their runny custard bun which my friend said is a highlight…

Overall, I feel that Jia still lack behinds on the dim sum they offer compares to Royal China..

Find Jia at:

1 Harrington Rd



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