A sunny day in London and perfect to further explore KERB’s food truck community..

So here I’m back at the Gherkin KERB market again..

This time I having the “gua-bao”by Bao and Meatball Sub from Capish?


First up Bao’s “gua bao”,


You might remember I reviewed another “gua bao” place earlier, Yum Bun..

This however offer a different filling, a more traditional “gua bao”…

This dish reminds me of the braised pork belly with pickled cabbage that is cooked in a traditional hotpot accompany with the traditional “mun toh” buns called Mei Cai Kou Rou

Braised pork belly in Chinese herbs and spices, accompany Chinese pickled cabbage and topped of with a peanut crunch sauce.. however, the peanut sauce was abit too sweet and seems to be abit over powering..

Comparing this to Yum Bun, it offers a different experience to “gua bao” with their offers of fillings… But nevertheless one you must try..

Second up, the highlight of my lunch.. Capich? ‘s meatball sub



This is without a doubt the best meatball sub I had so far, the bread was nice and soft, meatballs were remarkably tender and meaty with the aroma of the herbs inside, the marinara was perfect and OMG! the cheese sauce top just blew it all away! Creamy and not too rich, just puts it all harmoniously together..

I definitely recommend to try these two outlets as they offer really really good food at very good price

The Sub: £7
“Gua bao”: forgot… XD

Find them regularly on the KERB website or check out their websites

Happy Eating! #munchreview


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