Another weekend treat today, but now moving from the british scene from yesterday to the dessert of the far east…

Japan is famous for its take on classic patisserie and this is one place you must try.. Tombo in South Kensington

Today, I ordered the matcha azuki pudding and matcha ice cream moji


First up the matcha azuki pudding, the pudding is soft and moist, creamy azuki and aromatic green tea topped off with a dollop of whipped cream goes really well together… A great little dessert for grean tea lovers…



Second the matcha mochi ice cream… The mochi is soft and chewy, sweet and creamy matcha ice cream filling is a perfect treat with a pot of in house matcha tea…


If you ever come across Tombo, don’t forget to drop by for the dessert as it is made by the famous London based japanese pastry chef of Lanka

Bon appetit!

Find them at South Kensington Station next to Snog and Le Pain Quoitidien


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