Embracing the sunny weather and a kick to the start of the week, spicy buffalo wings would just do the trick!

Here it is, for me by the far the best buffalo wings, The Orange Buffalo at the Sunday Upmarket in Bricklane



The Orange Buffalo offer various take on the hot sauce that covers your wings..

For me I think the Woof Woof (super hot) and the Vincent (woof woof+ mango puree) are the best..


The wings were juicy and tender not dry at all, the blue dip was amazing! Not overpowering, creamy and sweet and savoury, the fries were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside and the special spicy salt over the top makes it even better… Celery gives it that freshness to cut the richness


I highly recommend to come try their wings at the Sunday Upmarket in Bricklane… Because its FINGER LICKING GOOD!

All this for £6.5 plus drinks (weekday lunch special)
The Orange Buffalo on Urbanspoon


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