I’m a big fan of contemporary and fusion sushi and japanese food… Dinings is one that delivers one of the best japanese food experience in the heart of Marylebone..



A good friend of mine recommended me to sit in the counter, to get an experience similar to chef’s table and seeing the masters creating his work…



First up, tuna and lobster tartare crisp…. This dish super fresh, crispy thin chips, sweet lobster and tuna, creamy avocado… A perfect dish to get your stomach going


Another starter dish thats is very well executed is the seabass carpaccio with truffles and ponzu sauce….. A very vibrant dish, tangy ponzu sauce and jelly, fragrant and aromatic fresh truffles and diced radish gives it the extra


Next up, the wagyu beef tataki with ponzu sauce…. “Wagyu” marbled beef is tender and juicy, complimented with the tangy fresh ponzu sauce was excellent


Sizzling scallops with miso sauce and garlic chilli were indeed sizzling and delicious…. The scallops was tender and firm… The sauce gives it a kick that all goes well together



This is for me is the highlight of this meal, Wagyu beef sushi topped with foie gras and sweet soya sauce… As a person who loves both wagyu and foie gras… This is a match made in heaven… Tender and juicy beef, smooth and creamy foie gras gives it that luxurious feature and the sweet soy sauce just blends it all together.. It might sound as a very rich combination but turns out it is a perfect combination


Last sushi dish is the open roll scallop tempura with spicy mentai sauce, this is another great dish combining the freshness of the scallop with the crunch of the batter and top with spicy sauce just leaves u wanting more…


And finish off with a luxurious truffle ice cream, one might be surprise but wow its really good… The ice cream was light, not too sweet and the truffle stands out…

For drinks I recommend their umeshu or plum wine from France is a perfect drink to accompany all these dishes…

If you never experienced fusion japanese before I highly recommend Dinings at 22 Harcourt St, Marylebone

Meal: £30-70 per head


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