Hotdog time at KERB today and here is one that is said to be the top vendors of London… The Big Apple Hotdog!


Big Apple offers four types of dogs… Big Frank, Huge Pole, Pimp Steak and Big Dog


Each dog are made of either 100% beef, pork or a combination of both with a distinctive combination of spices and pre cooked with smoke which ghen boiled and grilled right in front of you!


The combinations are all very tempting but I went for the Big Frank, a 100% oak smoked pork franks with nutmeg, paprika and black pepper…. The hotdog were delicious!

Smokey flavour from the oak smoke, well seasoned and spiced from the paprika which also gives it a spanish heat , the hotdog snapped and a meaty tender texture inside..


Its beginning to get warm so why not clean the palette with a bit of ice popsicle from the Ice Kitchen,

This is the raspberry and lime popsicle, sharp fresh flavours, fresh raspberry inside and the scent that the fruit gives is a real treat after the hotdog that were spiced

The hotdog was £5 and £2.5 for the Ice Popsicle

I highly recommend the Big Apple
Hotdog and I will get the chance to try them all!

Find them on the KERB community or their main location at Old Street (more details on their website)


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