I think you might all guess that its another blog from KERB… And yes it is!! Its Friday!


Today, I’m trying the Good Egg’s Shakshuka Pot…. Shakshuka is something I never tried before and a Jordan/Spanish/Saudi friend say its a good dish so I gave it a try…


Shakshuka is a middle eastern dish I presume…
The Good Egg’s version adds their own flair, with chargrilled red peppers and tomatos which has been smoke that adds that smokey, burnt chargrilled effect… The spices inside was fragrant and not overpowering and adds that bit of heat which really stands out…Soft and runny poached eggs topped off with their lemon yoghurt, sprinkle of coriander and sumac.. Contain inside a warm flatbread is a great dish for a cold spring/summer day and rather quite light on the stomach…


Overall, the combination, the flavours, the texture and how the spices stand out really is a dish I think worth trying if you never had the chance… For me, it could have been abit more hearty..

All for just £5

Find them on KERB society!


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