Saturday is a day that you must indulge yourself in delicious food, in our family Chinese food is always the way to go when our family gathers…

I have always heard of Min Jiang restaurant located on the 10th Floor of the Royal Garden Hotel in High Street Kensington….


Therefore today I must take my family to try this place and I have made the right choice to come and try this Chinese restaurant famous for its Beijing Duck…



Chef preparing the duck right next to the table makes us all salivating… First up the beijing duck, the meat is juicy and tender, wrapped in freshly steamed chinese pancake, accompany by hoisin sauce, cucumber and chinese leeks create a kind of delicious and irresistible canapé.. A MUST order dish here!



Next up, the braised pork belly with chinese leeks accompany by chinese buns


The dish has a Sichuan influence, spicy and aromatic from the Sichuan peppers and chilli oil, pork belly is moist as its layered in a marble of fat… Where the neutral chinese bun (“mun-toh”) well absorb the heaviness of the dish



Followed by fresh scallops lightly sautéed in garlic and ginger under a bed of broccoli and sautéed duck wrapped in iceberg lettuce..

The scallops are fresh and tender, lightly seasoned and not too overpowering from the garlic and ginger that lets the scallops really stand out… The lettuce is crispy, duck stir fried in a spicy sauce similar to XO which really all goes well together…

This place reminds me of the Chinese restaurant I grew up eating in Bangkok therefore, it is a place worth coming to try the highlight of the meal… The Beijing Duck but for me the dimsum are not as good as Royal China..

One whole duck £68 or half for £35 where the meat can be used to cook additional dish


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