The Diner at Gloucester Road for me has its good and bad comparing to the one in Shoreditch.. Some of the dishes I ordered are good and some were not that great


Today I ordered the cheesy fries, buttermilk pancakes and Eggs Hussard..

The cheesy fries were cold and cheese became solid rather than a runny cheese sauce… the buttermilk pancakes were delicious, fluffy and soft accompany by a smokey and not overly sweet maple syrup with the option of 3 or 5 stacks.. £5.5 and £7.3


Eggs hussard is an interesting combination of breakfast and dinner…

Two poached eggs on top of tomato, sautéed mushrooms and ham on a fried rye bread serve in a hot skillet with hollandaise and gravy was a very good dish… Runny yolks, creamy hollandaise sauce and savoury gravy combines well together… £8.5


Overall, the place is nice with its american diner decor and the dish they serve offers wide variety of a typical American comfort food..

The Diner is I think one restaurant group that you must try whenever have the chance..

Must order dishes are: BCC dog, Buttermilk pancakes, Egg Hussard and their famous Diablo Burger


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