After my previous experience at Dinings, I just had to come back and try their other dishes.. With my mum visiting from Bangkok, I definitely have to bring her here..

So today, heres what I order, the mixed tomato salad with onion soy dressing, Capriciosa open sushi and seabass and mushroom tempura with “matcha salt” and chargrilled lamb with yuzu mint sauce

First up, the mixed tomato salad is a great dish to get your taste buds working.. Fresh, tangy and light.. Each tomato stands out with their own sweetness and soft or crunchy texture plus the shredded wasabi leaf adds a wonderful scent to the dish

Next the Capriciosa open sushi, 6 individual sushi rolls topped and fill with different unique combinations of fish and condiments… An element of delicious surprise in every bite… One were seabass with shaved truffle, the other with foie gras mousse… One dish you must order..

Next, the tempura.. As England as in asparagus season it was no surprise to find it in this dish… The tempura batter was sweet and crunchy.. Perfect! The asparagus were crunchy and sweet..
The seabass was super fresh and the wide range of mushrooms offers its own natural sweetness… The matcha salt is a perfect dip, contains the heat from the wasabi

Finally the chargrilled lamb with yuzu mint sauce… This is a really good lamb dish… Tender, pink on the inside, aromatic and not overly sweet mint sauce with a tangy note from the yuzu fruit… Another dish I highly recommend to order…

The second visit has proven that Dinings is a really great restaurant and one of the best.. A must try for everyone having time to come to London!

Price: £30-60


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