Maxela in South Kensington delivers high quality steaks from Florence…. Florentine steaks are famous for its natural flavours, cooked over charcoal grill and just seasoned with olive oil, pepper and rock salt…


So today we had the signature 30days aged Fassone piemontese beef T-bone, sliced Fassone steak with melted gorgonzola and walnut and mixed
plate of cappacio and battuta20130615-222428.jpg

To get our stomach going, we ordered fresh italian bread… Cripsy, chewy and soft with pinch of salt on top.. Perfect with the extra virgin olive oil and well
aged balsamic… Sweet and tangy

The mix cappacio and battuta was delicious… Steak tartare only required salt and pepper… The beef stands out, full flavoured…. Tender and sweet… The mozzerella was light and creamy.. A really good dish to try their cold cuts and raw dish…



The main… Maxela Florentina…
Juicy, tender and full of flavour… A true natural taste from both the tenderloin and sirloin.. A must have for meat eaters!

Order the sides of cannelloni beans with sage butter perfectly compliments the beef


Last the Fassone sliced steak with gorgonzola and walnut… Steak was juicy, super tender…combine with the nuttiness and creamy gorgonzola… A strong cheese fit with a strong piece of steak..

Overall this is a really good steakhouse that offer something different from the Angus of USA, Wagyu of Japan or British Aberdeen Angus…

Natural aged flavours perfectly stands out and all you need is extra virgin olive oil and rock salt…

Maxela at South Kensington


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