Thursday KERB time!

Here to introduce another burger stall.. The Mother Flippin Bitchin Burgers…


At flippin they offer three variations.. The classic mother flippin burger (cheese burger), the candy bacon flipper and swiss bacon flipper..


Besides the burgers they offer sides of fries with rosemary salt and chilli cheese fries

So I just couldn’t resist and ordered the chilli cheese fries and the bacon swiss flipper first up the burger…


First the burger, medium cooked patty left the meat quite chewy, but the crispy onion, maple bacon, sliced of pickle and homemade garlic mayo and bbq sauce and soft chewy toasted bun makes it a great burger!


For me… The chilli cheese fries really must try! Look at it! Smothered in cheese sauce, the chilli is hot, meaty and perfectly spiced.. The best chilli in London so far for me..

Overall, the burgers here is one you should try whenever you heading to the KERB outlet..

The burger cost £8 and the fries for £3.5


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