Patty and Bun is one of the best burger joints in London from the reviews and recommendation I have seen.. So now Its time for me to check it out



So I had their highest rated burger that everyone who visits Patty and Bun must try… The ‘Ari Gold’ burger and the Jose Jose Chilli burger

The Ari Gold is their signature burger, beef patty, cheese, pickled onions, lettuce, tomatoe and mayo in a brioche bun… The patty is cooked at medium… Meaty, tender and strong flavour.. A well rounded burger…


Next up the Jose jose chilli burger



The jose brings together the chorizo and patty into a brioche bun… Grilled chorizo, beef patty, cheese, grilled peppers.. Turn outs to be a great combination of savoury, spicy and sweet from the peppers…

Patty and Bun for me I think is one of the top burger joints that you should try.. But for me I think the Street Kitchen burger still reign supreme!

Happy eating!

The Ari Gold £7.5 and 50p for bacon
Jose Jose Burger at £8.5
Patty and Bun on Urbanspoon
Square Meal


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