Flat Iron is a small steakhouse right off Beak St close to Carnaby St… With the dominance of Hawksmoore being one of the best steakhouse, I need to give this place a try.. And wow it was really good!



The menu is simple and the atmosphere is cosy while being quite rustic… The place serves Flat Iron steaks or blade steak…


While you wait they serve you a cup of popcorn to get your stomach going and rather than using typical steak knife.. At Flat Iron they give you a small cleaver.. Pretty cool!


So today I ordered, the Flat Iron steak served with house salad and sides of chips cooked in beef drippings, cream spinach and their market special of asparagus in olive oil… Accompany by three sauces: peppercorn, fresh cream horseradish and Fred’s sauce ( their take on spicy tomato salsa)


The steak is cooked perfectly… Nicely pink, tender and juicy.. One of the best steaks I had.. The sides really compliments the steak.. Crunchy aspargus and spinach is not too creamy and heavy, well balanced..


The sauce I think that is best with the steak are horseradish and peppercorn.. The horseradish isn’t too strong but still retains the kick similar to wasabi and the peppery peppercorn goes oh so well….


To clean the palate, we had their only caramel and chocolate mousse topped off with rock salt served at the table.. You can get the taste of the chocolate and the salt and caramel… Sweet and salted, what could go wrong?

Flat Iron is really impressive, quality meat and quality sides is a must for all meat lovers! Don’t forget to order wine on the side..

Bon appetit!

Flat Iron Steak £10
Sides £2.5-£3.5
Flat Iron on Urbanspoon
Square Meal


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