Its a long drive from London to St. Ives and passing along the coast looking to France gives the chance to see Plymouth the sea front city not far from Exeter..

I’m a big fan of the River Cottage – Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is one of the top celebrity chef, his River Cottage show on channel 4 uses fresh seasonal ingredients in creating delicious and fresh british dishes..



They offer in house deli selling local producer’s fresh ingredients.. From cidre to cheese to vegetables and sweets


Bread baked in house so I couldn’t resist.. Fresh, soft and crusty crust and soft lightly salted butter and creamy.. Good start to the meal…

For the mains today I went for the gnocchi, asparagus, broad beans, rocket and Quickes cheese pesto, pan roasted Pollock with crushed news, tomato, garlic, peppers and onion, crispy pancetta, potato egg and rocket salad and whole roasted herrings, salsa cruda and green sauce and whole baked sole with thyme, lemon and whitewine..



First the Gnocchi, chewy soft gnochi, fresh and crunchy beans and asparagus.. Quite sweet and tender and the cheese adds the balance of savoury saltiness that the dish needs and the pesto is a delight, not too oily..


Next the sole, the fish is fresh but the wine, thyme and herbs were not enough for me that it makes the dish very neutral and no oomph..


The pollock is cooked perfectly, you can tell the fish is very fresh, flaky and tender.. Crispy skin and accompany by crushed new potato and green sauce gives it a taste similar to pesto or spicy herb butter… A well balanced dish

To clean our palette we went for their chocolate brownie and coffee cream sundae and strawberry fumble


The brownie is divine.. Layers of chunky dark choc brownies, vanilla ice cream and coffee cream.. Guilty pleasure in a glass

For the fumble, crispy and crunchy crumble with light strawberry sauce, yoghurt and fresh strawberry… Light, clean and fresh..

Overall a wonderful meal, fresh, clean and quality ingredients in each dish… Simple and each dish makes the main ingredient the star…

Price: around £20 per head

Find them at the Royal William Yard, Plymouth


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