Sennen cove is a beautiful spot just 2 miles from Land’s End, the most western point of England.

Thanks to the lovely potter that we stop by to buy some artisanal pottery, they recommend us to have lunch here..



At the Beach they serve traditional seafood dishes and light meal using their daily catch as the main ingredient

Here’s what we ordered..


First, the catch of the day fish and chips which is pollock


The fish is super fresh, flaky and soft.. The batter is super crispy, crunchy and has a hint of sweetness and aroma… Not greasy like most places… Perfectly well with their home made tartare sauce


Lastly, pan fried hake with new potatoes, sautéed seasonal cabbage and a light ber blanc… Sweetness from the fish, crunchy fresh veg and light cream sauce with a citrus tang.. Well balance of flavours..

Sennen Cove is one area you must visit, enjoy the food at the Beach Café and grab a scoop of Cornish icecream and take a stroll through the beach is good end to your lunch

Price between £8-£10

Bon Appetit


6 thoughts on “The Beach Café at Sennen Cove

    • On the way to St Ives I did but now just heading back to London.. Hopefully I could make it… If not you going to Feast London this weekend?

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