After a little stroll in the coastal town of St. Ives where I stayed, a local recommended us this little cafe overlooking the ocean, the Porthgwidden Cafe



The cafe won the best coastal restaurant in 2012.. So the expectations were high..

The restaurants offer cafe style food, from light salad to seafood starters to steak and pasta…

Being in a coastal town, I just had to go for the seafood..

So heres what I had..



For starters I had the thai influence and inspired scallops and calamari…

Scallops were fresh, sweet and tender.. With a tamarind kind of sweet and tangy sauce went well together.. The calamari were crunchy, sweet and lightly coated in spice and the the shaved scallions give it a sharp bite.. An all round delicious starter


First main is the pan fried seabass fillets with lime rice, tempura veg and dahl.. I love this dish.. Fresh, crispy skin sea bass fillets with sweet crunchy veg and hot curry sauce or dahl is a wonderful dish


The crab linguine was disappointing.. Bland and a very neutral dish…


The seafood paella is a wonderful mix of fresh local seafood, spices and chorizo… Hint of spices and herbs and seafood all goes well.. A delight



Desserts go for the banoffee split, layer of camarlised bananas, vanilla ice cream, honeycomb and caramel sauce.. Sweet, crunchy and indulgently guilty.. Good way to end the meal.. But avoid the lemon cheesecake.. Overly sour and very sharp..

Overall the food here is a mix bag.. You get both delicious dishes and some that just needs to be reseasoned and cooked.. But I would say to come and try as their fish and shellfish dishes are really good..

Price £10-£16

Bon Appetit!


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