Being in Cornwall you have to try their Cornish Clotted Cream.. Now on the way back I have to try Devon’s version of the clotted cream..

The Devon cream tea at the Real Food Store in Paris St recently one the best cream tea in all of Devon in 2013b!



The Real Food store is a organic, producer run local supermarket that boast local produces and fresh baked goods..


The cream tea is really up to its winning standards… The cream tea comes with one traditional fruit scones which is quite big.. The texture is soft and chewy, not flaky and grainy like most places and there is abundant of fruits in the scones.


The Devon clotted cream is very different from Cornish counterpart.. The Devon is more smooth and light and creamy comparing to the more thick and stronger flavour of the Cornish…

The strawberry jam here is made in house and use quality fresh strawberries as you can still see pieces of strawberries and the jam is not overly sweet as real fruits are used

I think Devon cream tea is another great afternoon delight and the one here as Real Food Store is a must try if you happen to past the city of Exeter..

Price: £3.95 includes regular drink or pot of tea..

Bon Appetit!!


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