I always here about the steaks at Hawksmoor even before coming to London.. Finally after many attempts to eat here, I was finally able to… I had high expectations and wow the food went even beyond my expectations!



Hawksmoor service is as good as the food and the art decor of the interior gave the place a feel of the 50s and 60s of America


The starters all look tempting but today I went for the mussels, fried Quinnies and yorkshire pudding with braised beef and sweet onions


The fried Quinnies or mini scallops where super sweet, tender and cripsy batter smothered in creamy and tangy tartare sauce is a delight… The mussels were fresh and the broth were fragrant and had a natural sweetness to it, the yorkshire pud was a balance savoury and meaty beef, crispy and stringy puddings and sweet onions…


The highlight of the dish is their steaks, at Hawksmoor they offer you various cuts of meat such as fillet, ribeye, sirloin, sirloin bone in, t-bone etc.. But today I had the Porterhouse


Porterhouse cut comes with a larger size fillet than the T-bone..


The meat was juicy, tender, meaty, fragrant, peppery yet sweet… Best steak by far! And cooked at a perfect medium rare! Where some steakhouses couldn’t deliver


The sides… Go for the lobster mac n cheese that comes with lobster bisque.. Elegantly indulgent.. Jannson’s temptation is their take on potato gratin is creamy, soft and crunchy crumble on top.. The side salad adds the tangy, fresh taste to the palate the best lighten all these heavy dishes…

Oh and don’t forget to order their peppercorn sauce and bone marrow gravy… Best compliments their already well cooked piece of meat!

Final verdict, if you are a big fan of meat, come here and you’ll leave with a smile on your face and a happy stomach!

Bon appetite!

Price: £20 – £50

Square Meal
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