My first experience with Zuma was when I was here nearly six years ago..

With the second revisit, I think Zuma still deliver some pretty good dishes but still lack on some dishes..



So for starters are the salmon sashimi and seared tuna in ponzu sauce and spicy daikon radish



The salmon is well marbled with fat therefore it is sweet and tender.. The tuna accompany by the sharp ponzu vinaigrette, spicy daikon to give it a heat and salty crunchy fried onions provides the perfect texture for a really fresh and well composed dish

The assorted vegetable tempura was a delight… Crunchy and light batter covered the already sweet and fresh vegetables… A top notch tempura dish by far…


However, the teriyaki salmon fillet lacked the wow factor… The salmon is fresh but let down by the sauce… The sauce was overpowered by the saltiness of the soy sauce and sake which made it quite bitter rather than sweet, thick and fragrant…


The rolls we ordered were soft shell crab, California, spicy tuna and unagi


Their take on spicy tuna roll is very interesting.. The use of yuzu tobiko, a japanese citrus fruit and chilli miso adds a sharp, fresh and savoury flavours that is unique.. A delightful balance

The unagi roll for me could needed abit more sweet unagi sauce.. But the soft shell crab was sweet, juicy and crunchy..


Don’t forget to order their mocktails.. Really refreshing for the upcoming summer breeze…

Zuma still deliver high quality japanese izakaya style food.. However, still fall short in some areas that could have been better…. Comparing this to my previous experience at Dinings, I think Zuma still falls behind..

Bon Appetit

Price: £20 – £50


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