Pitt Cue Co is infamous for their take on the BBQ…

This is my second visit to the place, its a shame that they have to take out their pork belly ribs… BBQ is becoming rather big in London…


I just need a quick bbq fix.. At this branch the place is only fit for 30 diners.. Very small and intimate..

Heres what we had…


Pitt cue offers one side for each order so we got the charred broccoli with almonds and bone marrow mash


First up, their beef ribs.. Or more like dinosaur ribs.. Their huge!… There tremendous amount of charred and smoke layers on the ribs, smokey, savoury and sweet with abit of heat from the spices… Meat also juicy and tender..


Next the pulled pork bun, voted 100 best dishes in London by Timeout… It lives up to the expectation… Sweet, juicy and soft tender well balanced spiced in a soft bun.. Delicious!


Also we added the extra house sausage… Comes in patty size with charred marks… The filling is beef and pork and spiced similar to a taste of chorizo but soft and tender and has a nice smokey kick…

Overall, Pitt Cue Co really delivers great bbq dishes… Well balanced of flavours, smokiness and heat… The meat is kept nice and juicy rather than dry and their in house bbq sauce for me makes everything a delight… Come try!

Another awesome place is the one I reviewed before:
Bon Appetit

Price: £12-£20
Pitt Cue Co on Urbanspoon
Square Meal


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