I heard of ceviche, the Peruvian dish for a long time through various forms of another…

Ceviche is seafood dish, using fresh seafood such as seabass, scallops etc a staple of Peruvian cuisine…


For me, one of the best is at Ceviche in central Soho..

Here’s what our first experience at Ceviche looks like20130712-195555.jpg

To nibble, we had crispy plantain.. In the same family as the banana,
Super crispy perfect for the Pisco Sour.. A cocktail that is sweet, sour and gets you right in the mood for some ceviche20130712-195738.jpg

For start, the Don Ceviche… Fresh seabass with tiger’s milk, red onion, limo chilli and sweet potato… An refreshing, tangy, sweet and aromatic dish… 20130712-195953.jpg

Next the japanese inspired salmon ceviche…. Sweet and marbled salmon with a hint of mirin and soy sauce… Sharp but yet subtle to the tongue


The scallops were brilliant.. Sweet on its own but with the limo chilli and pomegranate adds the crunch and cirtusy feel to the dish


To end it off, duck confit with beer rice and choclo corn, amorillo chilli and beef heart skewers with panca chilli anticuchera sauce and choclo corn


The beef heart was savoury, well spiced and the dipping sauce and the chewy choclo corn.. Divine!

The duck confit for me wasn’t as well develop in flavours as the other previous dishes..

To say that Peruvian cuisine is one of my new favourite cuisine and if you haven’t experienced it before… Come check out this place.. Its a must!

Price:£8 – £13 per dish

Bon Appetit!
Ceviche on Urbanspoon
Square Meal


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