I’m a big fan of Indian food.. The naans, the curries and the tikka always get my stomach growling…

I first heard of Dishoom from a friend of mine who use to study here… I never blog about them so here what I think in my I don’t know, 10th visit



What I like about Dishoom is that they are not a typical indian restaurant with colourful wallpapers and loud Bollywood music but the decor is modern yet has a sense of calmness and electric atmosphere with colonial… And the food still packs the punch as much as the decor


Today, I went for the chicken tikka and lamb kebab accompany by cheese naan


The chicken is moist, tender and juicy and spicy, fragrant and charred created from the tandoori oven… Add a small drop of lime makes it super vibrant


Next the lamb, cooked at pink, perfect tender and savoury and spicy from the rub and marinade..


Oh and the gooey, oozy cheese naan that is soft, salty and savoury at the same time… Stretchy dough yet soft… Perfect compliment to all the grill dishes

Plus the chutney that comes with these dishes all goes well such as the spicy chutney and mint one…

Final verdict? If you are a big fan of
Indian food with abit of modern setting while remain true to it roots in terms of flavours, Dishoom is the place to be!

Bon Appetit!
Dishoom on Urbanspoon
Square Meal


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