With the weather being so nice now in the United Kingdom, it is time to go see one of the most famous seaside city of UK, Brighton… Just 50 mins by train from London


Being in a seaside city, you just got to have seafood… Here at Riddle and Finns is delicious


Their menu offers variety of seafood dishes such as calamari, roasted whole fish, oysters, mussels white wine etc

But today here’s what I had


The starters and share looks more interesting than the main.. So we went first with the calamari with spicy dipping sauce and razor clams in white wine and cream sauce


The calamari is delicious… Crunchy batter and sweet, tender squid inside and the tartare and spicy sauce amazing went well with the seafood…

The razor clams are uber fresh… Tender, sweet and the white cream sauce wasn’t heavy, aromatic from the thyme makes it a rather delicious and light



I also got the scallops panfried with chorizo and their take on the New England clam chowder… The chowder is nice and creamy, alot of clams with is sweet and succulent.. The scallops is undeniably fresh.. Tender and had a spring to it best suit with the heat from the chorizo


Scrape the sauces from the razor clams and chowder with the bread is just marvellous.. Add the horseradish cream on the side for some kick or mini crab mayo on fresh bread is a delight…

Looking for seafood in Brighton? Come to Riddle and Finns and I think you will be well satisfied

Price:£6 – £13 for starters and share dishes or £15-£40 for mains
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