Thanks to Toptable, today was a wonderful day…

Had the pleasure to experience wonderful four course with wine paring offered by Bocca Di Lupo and the music of Chic, J.Lo and Lionel Richie!


I’ve heard of Bocca Di Lupo for a long time and never had the chance to visit their place in Soho yet so this was a great opportunity to get a taste of their dishes


The food today comes in like a tapas style to share…. So heres what Bocca Di Lupo has offered


First course, antipasti of burrata, radish salad with truffle oil and beef cappaccio…. The burrata and the cappacio was the star.. Burrata was creamy, a little abit sweet and the bread soaked in tomato sauce gave a balance of freshness and tangy sweetness… The cappaccio was simple yet delicious and the shaved parmesan.. Delightful

Second course is the pasta..


I think out of four this course was abit below par… They have langoustine risotto, wild boar ragu and nduja pasta…

The risotto texture wasn’t right but the flavours were similar to lobster bisque and the langoustine was tender and sweet… The nduja (spicy salame sauce) was lovely, nice level of heat and the pastas were all cooked to aldente…

But the wild boar ragu lack some kind of punch…



For main, on-the-bone sirloin in balsamic, fresh rocket and shavings of parmesan… Beef is savoury, meaty and a nice crust from the grill cut by the sweet balsamic, rocket and parmesan.. Delicious… Accompany by the beans which lighten and balances the flavours all together


End with chocolate and coconut ice cream cup.. Really freshens the palate.

Bocca Di Lupo impresses me and I need to fully experience them at Soho.. But for now they have left me with a positive impression…

Bon Appetit


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