Obika is an interesting concept for me… Emphasis on the simple yet humbleness of the mozzarella cheese and let that single ingredient shine in each dishes they offer


The restaurant has a relax feel to it and a rather than a drinks bar, they have a bar displaying all the cold cuts and cheese (imagine the same you get in sushi bar, instead of fish..)



They offer three different type of mozzarella: classico, smoked and burrata (creamy version)


So to get a sense of what the place is all about I order the grand tasting plate for two which comes with two type of mozzarella (you choose), focaccia bread, pesto, sun dried tomato dip, aubergine stew, prosciutto parma, mortadella and prosciutto Brace



This is an amazing starter or even main… The burrata was creamy and the classico mozzarella offer that nice spongy texture… With a light pungent sharp taste, accompany by the pesto, a drizzle of olive oil, warm focaccia and the offered cold cuts… Delicious! (£14 per person. Min 2)


In addition to that I tried the smoked version which I think was interesting… The smoke outside created a unpleasant smell and bitterness which I think was a let down.. But the inside had a interesting flavour that was different from the classico..


To create a vibrant zing to the palate, I went for the nduja pizza with burrata mozzarella.. The dough was crispy and thin, a very unique dough that I have seen.. The sauce was sweet and sharp and get pieces of tomato on top as well.. The heat and kick from the nduja were perfect with the creamy cool burrata… Well balanced dish..


To end we went for the mini tiramisu.. The bottom was overflowing with coffee which made the whole dish too bitter and the dessert wasn’t cool enough so the mascarpone lost its thick texture and became abit too soft for me…

Obika really delivers what they are all about, delicious cold cuts with one of the best tasting mozzarella out there in London. If you are a fan of this simple yet delicious cheese from the south of Italy.. Here’s one of the places that you should try…

Ps. Get a glass of wine to go with the food.. Brillaint!


Bon Appetit

Franco Manca – click here to see the review on another place serving delicious pizzas

Square Meal
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