R3D Market will be held regularly this summer on Thu and Fri in the evening..

After hearing so much about this little food get together next to Old St station I had to come and try…


For the food today I went for the ham
mushroom, chorizo pizza from the Streetzza vendors and vermicelli noodles with bbq pork marinated in honey and spices



The pizza here was delicious… Super thin, crisp dough.. The mozzarella was stringy, creamy and the toppings were generous and only for £7!


Look at the picture below, I ain’t lying….


Next the vietnamese dish, the noodles was tender and retains it texture so you can just suck it in with all the vinegar, crunchy and crunchy fresh veg and the pork was tender, juicy and full of flavour – well balanced and delicious! For only £5!


Get double shot of Pimms for £7 best with the food..

First visit… Very happy, next time will come back and check other vendors for sure!

Bon Appetit!


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