Finally after a long first week at my new intern place, I get to finally come try Caravan in the Granary Square behind Kings X station..



I heard from many people about the brunch offered here their in house roasted coffee… The atmosphere is relaxed and perfect so a chill out weekend brunch and so I just have to come try…


Enough with the intro, heres what I had..


First their Flat white and caramel hot chocolate… The coffee at first sip was fruity and lightly spiced but after a while it turns sour… But the hot chocolate was nice..



First, baked eggs with chorizo in red pepper and tomato stew and a dollop of yoghurt on top… This is a really interesting dish.. Similar to the middle eastern version, shashuka… Its spicy, sweet, tangy and thick from the pieces of tomato, runny yolks… The chorizo pack loads of flavours.. Not overly charred like some places..

Second, raclette and spinach french toast with bacon and fresh watercress

This is delicious.. Runny, stringy and not over strong raclette inside and the bread is soft and the egg batter created a crunchy shell outside.. Delicious!


Its brunch so a little indulgence wouldn’t be bad.. Chocolate marquise with coffee ice cream… Full flavour dark chocolate and the ice cream is sweet, creamy yet has an beautifully roasted coffee fragrance.. Delicious!

The downside here is the service is quite slow.. We have to consistently remind the orders to the waiter.. Long waiting time for food and coffee…

But I think the food lives up to it..
If you love brunch, come try!

Bon appetit
Caravan Kings Cross on Urbanspoon
Square Meal


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