At Arirang I think serves one of the best korean food in town…

Korean food offers flavours from the sweet and fragrant to fiery hot… An all round cuisine that one must try


What I recommend is Chub Che (stir friend glass noodles), Topokki (rice cake in spicy sauce), Yuk whe (korean cappacio), Bibimbap (stone pot rice) and kimchi soup


First the korean cappaccio, serve chilled to create a crunchy texture and the addition of pears and sesame oil added the sweetness and aroma


Next the grass noodles, tender and chewy and the light black pepper sauce with tender savoury beef and sweet crunchy veg makes it a well balanced dish


Lastly the Bibimbap, it serve in a screaming hot stone pot and then stirred in with the korean hot sauce called Kochujang


The rice comes with braised beef, fresh vegetables such as carrot, cucumber, bean sprouts… Sweet, crunch spicy and savoury and the runny fried eggs just make it wonderfully indulging..

Also try their bbq selection such as pork bulgogi (marinated pork) and beef spare ribs.. Delicious (forgot to take a picture)

If you need to satisfy your korean food cravings, here one I think is really good!


Bon Appetit!


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