Kopapa serves a mix of asian and european inspired dishes.. Combining them together with exotic ingredients proves to be delicious and unique..



Kopapa concepts involves around sharing, ordering large plates and combining with small plates gets you to try many dishes..

Take a look at what I had…


First the mixed platter… This is delicious, savoury and fragrant and nice heat on the chorizo.. Their take on the hummus and bubba ganoush is delicious… Lots of herbs, creamy and yet light and not too heavy.. Best served with their grilled flat breads


Next, zebra tomatos with purple brocolli purée and sweet chilli scallops….

The tomato dish is quite good.. The puree is violet both appealing in look and remarkably delicious.. Creamy and sweet and those not taste like broccoli at all plus the fresh and acidity from the tomatos add and the pecorino adds just that little touch..


Here’s the large plates we ordered..


The spring lamb is just like what the name says… Cooked perfectly pink inside, tender and savoury and the accompany condiments of barley, fresh broad beans and asparagus and the puree all goes well resulting in a very clean and vibrant dish..


Finally the ribeye… The charred mark created such a bitter taste that overpowers the flavour of the meat but the accompany gravy is really good and the vegetables has an asian inspired taste to it which was nice…

The miso glazed sweetcorn was sweet and fragrant from the miso and a little savoury and buttery.. Delicious.!

For dessert…


The dessert are delicious… The one on the left is passion fruit mascarpone with berry foam.. Very refreshing, light and not guilty.. On the right is pandan macaroon with basil sorbet and pineapple… Amazing its good… The sweet macaroon cut by the basil and tangy sharp pineapple combined to create another refreshing dish…

Overall, Kopapa offers a very unique and distinctive menu with their twist.. A place I will sure come by for their famous brunch.. But for now, it surely delivers a great dining experience..

Price: £££ (35 – 50)
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