With the burger scene in full swing now in London, people tend to forget another great creation from the other side of the pond.. That is the American BBQ


I’ve had Bodean’s in Soho for a few times but never had the chance to blog… It has always been inconsistent over my past visit with the food but the one here in Fulham, for me, is better than their branch in Soho..


At Bodean they serve traditional cuts of bbq.. Spare ribs, baby back, burnt ends , bbq chicken and pulled pork..

In order to get the whole deal.. I went for the Bodean Platter for two..


The platter includes bbq chicken thighs, spare and baby back ribs, burnt ends, pulled pork and sides of coleslaw and fries…


The spare ribs were delicious and big! Juicy, tender and pack full of flavour.. The rub has a nice heat and kick to it accompany by their smoked hickory bbq sauce is delicious and the soft crunchy knuckles.. Yummm

The bbq chicken was juicy, tender and savoury.. The rub reminds me of the Thai style grilled chicken which is nice.. But the burnt ends and baby backs were abit below par.. The beef was tough and chewy and lean and the baby back was dry.. The chicken and spare ribs were the star..


So much that we just need to get a whole slab of it again…

The pulled pork was chunky, tender, spicy and sweet.. Really good too!

Bodean’s after much been though their cue, spare ribs and chicken is what I think are the star.. If ever to come across them, go try it.. Its good!

Price:££ (£20-£35)

Bon Appetit
Bodean's on Urbanspoon
Square Meal


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