Roka evolves the style of japanese izakaya, sharing small plates with friends or colleagues.. Similar to what Zuma is doing.. Building dishes through the fusion of western flavours and techniques into japanese cooking and unique combinations of western and japanese ingredients..


Due to the fact that I got the table on the lounge side, the pictures might not be nice but the flavours are definitely there


First their take on the wagyu tataki..The wagyu beef itself was delicious but the combinations of this dish turns out for me just wasn’t right.. The herbs, dressing and the cucumber and truffle just wasn’t right..


Their yellowfin starter is delicious… Fresh, citrusy and acidic from the yuzu dressing and the tender thinly sliced fish had a wonderful texture and the garden of herbs in the middle best compliments the dish


Next the soft shell crab, this is a really good dish… Some place the batter sucks up too much oil and created a mushy weird texture on the crab but the dish it was just right, crunchy on the outside and sweet and soft in the inside.. The sweet chilli dressing outside puts it into another level..


The sashimi set brings out the freshest sashimi… The hotate (scallops) was sweet and tender and the rest such as tuna, salmon (well marbled) and the tartare with almond brittle was delicious.


The piri piri inspired chirashi maki wasn’t right for me… But the tempura salmon maki was good..


The black cod gyoza was amazingly good… The gyoza was not too thick with generous filling which was delicious and the sauce which usually was a combination of soy sauce and vinegar was changed, adding spices and herbs make it delicious than other gyoza out there..


The highlight for me is the black cod… Grilled on the robata, lightly charred, sweet and the cod was flaky, sweet and full flavoured.. The miso puree on the side added that extra savoury kick to the fish.. Delicious!


The desserts here are delicous, I ordered the chocolate pudding with green tea inside, chocolate garnache and crumble (picture above) and lychee creme brulee and coconut almond biscuit.. Delicious!

Roka proves to be serving delicious dishes such ones from the robata grill, fresh sashimi and fusion twist on the tataki… But lacks in the maki division…

Still, Roka is a place where you can get delicious fusion dishes inspired by the robata grill and the marriage of western ingredients and techniques with the japanese tradition

Price:£££ (£40 -£60 plus drinks)

Dinings also does some delicious fusion japanese dishes

Bon Appetit
Square Meal
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