I once tried Hache burger at their New St joint in Shoreditch and it was ok but today, it was a completely different experience!


The burgers offered here varies from beef, lamb, chicken, fish and even vegetarian version


There are soo many things that are tempting but here what I feel would best satisfy my burger cravings…


First the hache cheeseburger…


This is a really good burger.. Seriously… Great bun, patty and toppings ratio.. Double slice mature cheddar, savoury and pink scotch beef steak patty… Its divine! Just look at the picture!!

Sure to also get the canadian with sweet cured bacon.. Delicious! The bacon is not overly salty, nicely smoked not too fatty and salty and sweet..


This is one of the best onion rings out there.. Super crispy and thin batter and the onions are thick and sweet.. Must order with burgers!


The mexican is also good… Its amazing how spicy salsa, sour cream and guacomole goes well with beef patty…

Hache here is delicious, great bun, tasty well cooked patty and the toppings delicious.. Must try if you are around..

Price:££ (£20-25)

Bon Appetit
Hache Burgers on Urbanspoon
Square Meal


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