Back again at Hawksmoor..(Click here for my first visit) I remember to myself saying I just got to comeback and try their other premium cuts steaks, starters and dessert… The opportunity has come.. So without further ado, here’s what I have..


First up the Tamworth belly ribs and roasted scallops win garlic butter and port


The ribs was amazing… Layered with juicy, flavoursome fat and lots of tender meat.. The sauce was think.. Sweet and savoury.. Delicious.. The pickled purple cabbage adds the sharpness that balance your palate..

The scallops was good but the pork stole the start of this meal..


In my previous visit at Hawksmoor I gpt recommendations from my friend about the bone in prime rib but went for the porterhouse instead.. So this time I try the bone-in prime with the additional of the rib eye.. It was amazing! I never knew that the charred mark on the steak and the caramalised crust really makes a different to the overall taste… Smokey yet flavoursome, tender and savoury and very satisfying.. The prime has a more smooth mellow taste but the rib eye has a more kick to it.. Which is both very good in its own way.. Amazing how each cut could have such a unique taste profile..

For the sides go for the tomato salad and butter veg.. Helps to refresh your taste buds.. As it fresh, cool and acidic.. Delicious with the steaks..


Last time I didn’t get the dessert.. I regretted that.. But this time, I just have to try.

So we went for the sticky toffee pudding, raspberry eton mess and strawberry cheescake.. Gluttony at its peak… Toffee is rich, not overly sweet and the pudding texture is just right. The cheesecake was sweet and not tart like most places.. The strawberrys help freshens and lightens the whole feel and the eton mess.. Delicious! Rasperberries added that unique aroma yet remains sweet and refreshing and acidic.. A perfect combinations of desserts that makes you feel light after having all those steaks..

Hawksmoor is one of the places you just have to try when you are here… Period.

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Square Meal


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