After watching too much Triple D and Man vs Food.. I always wanted to know how Southern chicken dishes taste like…


After hearing there’s one just opened that is doing such thing I just had to come try.. That place is Joe’s Southern Kitchen.. The place emphasis mainly on chicken however there some other special stuff up their sleeves.. So enough with the intro, lets check the food..


First, the jalapeno peppers fritters stuffed with cream cheese.. Crispy, creamy and spicy cut by the salsa is delicious…


Their southern fried wings with tabasco honey is delicious.. Crispy thin batter with a hint of spice and the chicken itself is juicy and tenderly sweet.. But the honey dressing is good, sweet at first then follow by a kick of tabasco heat.. Delicious.


And coming here you have to get their signature Beer Can Chicken… Served right in front of you..



The chicken is somewhat alright.. The chicken is tender, moist and aromatic but it like that little more oomph or abit more power from the rub.. But their chicken gravy are delicious.. Best gravy for me so far..


Besides the beer can chicken, we got the Big Apple Hot Dog with chilli which was amazing, meaty savoury and a snap in every bite and the chilli is pack full of flavour… Rather than using mince beef like most places, they use pulled beef brisket instead.. Marvelous!

The ribs I think for me was abit dry and chewy and lack the flavour it needed..

The sides however were delicious, especially the whipped potato gravy.. Super creamy and the gravy just elevates it to the next level.. Imagine KFC potato mash but 10x better..


Go for the Brooklyn lager.. Perfect for to accompany these dishes.. And also their house made hot sauce is spicy and sharp and the bbq sauce taste like the ones you get at McDs which is good!



For the dessert go for the frozen over oreo with dark chocolate sauce.. Crumble oreo on the bottom, creamy and sweet cookie ice cream smothered in dark chocolate sauce.. Divine and the brownies with coffee sauce is delicious…

Its my first time to experience southern cooking after watching so many shows about it on Food Network.. If you look for some good fried chicken and southern cooking, come here and you won’t be disappointed!

Price: ££ (£25-£30)

Ps. The service is really good!

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