Le Petite Maison or “LPM” delivers one of the best french cooking I have ever had…


I’ve heard so many things about this place, especially about the food. And it went beyond my expectations.

This place first started in Nice and boast some of the best cooking in London


The ambience is great and the way they serve fresh tomatos and lemon is unique…

Enough with the intro… Lets start with the food..


This is without a doubt the best burrata I had, creamy burrata, sweet and fresh tomatos and I think a hint of cherry vinegar or something makes the dish super delicious.. A must order, MUST!


Next the Carpaccio of Tuna, thin sliced pepper crusted tuna in a fresh and tangy dressing with the crunchy texture of the nuts is divine.. Perfect!


Next the escargot.. I’m not a big escargot fan but my gf who is says the flavours was there but the texture of the escargot wasn’t right


For the main, first slow cooked duck in orange glazed with grilled cabbage.. This is amazing, sweet and tender succulent duck dressed in a citrus and fragrant orange glazed with a hint of liqueur.. The grilled cabbage adds the wonder balance of both texture and charred that just goes really well together


Who would have thought olives would go so well with a rack of lamb…. Olives gives the already flavoursome and tender lamb a hint of the saltiness and the unique sense that the olives give… Delicious..


The veal chop is amazing…. Super tender, sweet and fragrant.. The seasoning on the veal is delicious.. Seasoned perfectly and the rub on the meat is just amazing plus the caramalised crust elevates the whole thing


Finish of with their vanilla cheesecake with braised cherry is divine.. The texture is super light, packed full of vanilla and the cherry sauce is very luxurious…

The creme brûlée is light, not overly sweet and the crust on top.. Perfect..

Le Petite Maison blew me away today, delicious, classic cooking and combinations of ingredients that creates one of the best dishes I ever had.. All I could say is that this is a place to be in whatever the occasion cause you will not be disappointed

Price:£££ (£50-70)

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