Its a beautiful day in London today, cool and warm a perfect day to dine outside…

And so with Truck Stop happening at Wood Wharf in Canary Wharf I just have to check it out…

This time I’m not holding back on the food


With the newly developed Canary Wharf as a back drop, the Truckstop feast looks promising


Luckily I pre-ordered the tickets, which they gave me £10 coupon on drinks!


With that coupon, I just had to get their frozen magharita and “street feast fizz”, super refreshing and leaving you starting to want some food!


Truckstop brought some of the biggest names in the ever growing community of food truckers in London..

Without further a due, lets check out what they had to offer..


First, breddos taco shack… Pulled beef ribs and chicken filling


This is really good, meaty tender and flavoursome beef accompany by the cream guacamole and spicy habanero sauce.. Delicious!


I always look forward to try chicken sandwich at both Spit and Roast and Mother Clucker..


And so what I do? Just eat both…

The one from S&R had a signature twist in it, the korean hot sauce which complimented the super tender and juicly boneless fried chicken and the batter is lightly spice.. Delicious

Next up the one at Mother Clucker.


Their chick witch reminds me the combination of McChicken… But 100x better… Crunchy and soft bap smeared with hot sauce, mayo, spiced pinkles, lettuce and two massive fillets of fried chicken


The sauce reminds me of hot sauce you get in buffalo wings, delicous! The mayo was creamy and added the mildness the cools down your palate.. But the chicken was super crunchy, thin batter and moist!


When at Truckstop, they will definitely bring a burger van and who else but the Bleekerst Burger


With their recent winning of the Burger Monday hosted by Young and Foodish earlier this week I had high hopes..

Its a pretty good american burger, medium rare cooked patty was full of meaty flavour and the soft bun and american cheese gives it that character of burger that you don’t get anywhere I have try….


Mac and cheese! Gluttony and indulgence at it best..


At Anna Mae’s I think it lack that extreme level of cheese for me.. It could have been more creamy and oozing with cheese and the bbq sauce was abit too sweet… However the fried onions and hot dog on top was good


Next the Fish Dog by the team behind Hix


Battered cod fish fingers on top of minty mushy peas smeared in the Hix X Ribmans Holyfuck tartare? Only word… Awesome!


The cod was super fresh, flaky and the batter was super crunchy and not greasy.. The mushy peas is the best I had so far.. The mint added that nice herb, fresh taste to it.. Delicious


Lastly, Healthy Yummy’s scallops… It a wonderful combination of celeriac puree, bacon lard ons and scallops but the lemon on top that they put on over powers everything… If they have reduced the amount of lemon it would have been better..

Streetfeast the team behind this wonderful Truckstop event is a genius! Bringing a the most diverse food scene of London and putting it in one place with great drinks from the team at Rotary Bar in Old St is a killer…

A wonderful experience and one that I think you all should check out as soon as possible!!

Price:£ (£5-£7)
Heres the link to all the vendors.. Follow them on twitter!

Street Feast

Bleekerst Burger

Fish Dogs

Anna Mae’s M&C

Spit & Roast

Mother Clucker

Breddo’s Taco 


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