Tom’s Kitchen is the brain child of the famous Michelin acclaimed Tom Aiken..


Tom’s Kitchen however offer a much relaxed atmosphere, having communal tables and an open kitchen


The food here has a mix between both classics and modern twist embracing the seasonal ingredients while retaining their classic dishes.. I was here before a while back and it wasn’t that great but after tonight my mind has change

So lets see what me and my fellow friends had today



To get us going we ordered beetroot marinated salmon with dill & mustard sauce and pickled baby beets, chicken liver foie gras parfait and hand-dives scallops in slow roast cherry tomatoes


The chicken & foie gras parfait was amazing.. Smooth, fragrant and the natural taste of the foie gras really shine plus eating it with the sides really all goes well together..

The salmon is also a delicious dish.. The beet marinade help the salmon to become more sweet and tangy.. Hint of sourness but the beet taste adds that nice note to the dish and the sauce plays well with the elements on that plate..

The scallops was ok but I think the tomatoe sauce kind of overpowering and didn’t let the scallop to really shine


In addition we got the starter of pan fried mackerel on toast with onion chutney.. Flaky fresh mackerel and the onion cut by the crunchy sour dough toast underneath proves to be a quite good combination


For mains we got the seven hr confit lamb with ginger mashed potatoes and balsamic onion


Baked cod on saffron risotto, clams and red pepper sauce and last the roasted veal rump with creamed polenta, lemon and capers parsley sauce


The seven hour cooking process really makes the meat nice and tender, pull right of the bone while still staying moist.. The balsamic adds that sweetness and tartness that compliments the lamb well..

The mash just cuts the strong flavour of the lamb a really good compliment..

The cod however wasn’t right for me, I would not argue that the cod is fresh but I think having grilled red pepper and sauce just didn’t work together with the combinations on the plate..

The veal on the other hand is well cooked. Pink inside, tender and the sauce is nice but could have reduce the amount of lemon as it can be sour and overpowering..


For dessert, I went for the baked alaska with raspberry ripple ice cream on panettone and ice cream sundae


At first I thought the baked alaska would be super sweet but turns out it was just right.. The meringue was soft as a pillow and the liquer add the smooth note but the sundae was a killer.. Every scoop you get the sweet and aromatic vanilla ice cream, saltiness from the peanut brittle, light sweet cream, indulging chocolate sauce and mini brownies along the way… The best to end your meal here!

Tom’s Kitchen really deliver some quality food but at a price I think is abit too high…

But overall a great place to dine with your friends, enjoy good food, in a friendly atmosphere and nice bottle of white wine..

Bon Appetit!

Price:£££ (£45-£60 plus drinks)
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