Spuntino is a cosy, electric bar right at the middle of Rupert St


Spuntino is run by the team at Polpo, which serves italian style tapas in a bar seat setting… I have been to Polpo and here I thorough enjoy both the food and the drinks…

What Sputino stands out from other is the atmosphere of the restaurant.. Very relax, funky and perfect to bring your friends after a long days work.



Once you seated they give you a cup of popcorn to get started with pepper salt, for drinks the camden lager and versus are really good… Strong yet smooth..

For food here’s what I had..


First the aubergine fries and fennel yoghurt. Really delicious, perfect for the beer and the batter is super crispy and aubergine is tender inside plus the yoghurt compliments it well


Truffle cheese toast is delicious… Fragrant truffle top on a melted cheese and runny yoke toast.. Devine!


Spuntino is famous for their sliders therefore I must get the pulled pork and beef bone marrow one


These are pretty good sliders.. Pork pack loads of flavour but the beef was average for me or the sliders just went cold too fast


The quail in chimichuri sauce is also delicious, you can feel the flavours of the herb and heat in the sauce


The pizzetta is thin, crispy and classic combo of flavours

The italian tomato bread salad was delicious.. Fresh, zingy and fragrant sweet tomatos really refreshes your palate..


Last but not least, pickled melon with celery and hazelnut and Spuntino’s take on mac and cheese..

The melon dish was sweet and tangy and the pickled process makes it even better with the other vegs on the dish..

The mac and cheese was creamy and oozy but the ingredients that they put inside which made it quite sour wasn’t right for me


If you love PB&J get their PB&J dessert… Peanut butter ice cream in a toast shape with raspberry jam coulee inside.. Very indulging but worth it!

Spuntino for me is a great place for not just the food but the relaxed yet lively atmosphere, perfect to share with your friends, have a laugh and enjoy a few drinks.. So much so I had 4 beers…

Price:£££ (£40-50 plus drinks)

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2 thoughts on “Spuntino, Soho

  1. Sigh. Just look at that truffle cheese toast…..I can practically smell that beautiful, beautiful thing. Spuntino is one of my all-time favourite, but I haven’t been for MONTHS. Certainly inspiration to make another visit sometime soon…!

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