The Harwood Arms is one of the best hidden gems by many critics


But this time I would disagree.. I heard good things about this place and so the expectations was too high and left me quite disappointed.


So let’s see what I had.. Their brown bread is really good




First their must have venison scotch eggs, this one the texture was right, the egg was nice and runny but the whole experience was covered with saltiness.. It was way too salty for me and that took over the natural goodness of the venison



Next the crispy chicken thighs is delicious, moist and tender and the sauce and sautéed broccoli and bean were delicious but the pigeon was bland and too mild, no hint of the goodness of the pigeon


For mains, the roasted duck with beets… The duck is cooked perfectly and the flavours really goes well together… Sweet beets, crumble goat cheese crumbs and the onions completes the dish



Next their braised pork shoulder special and brill with samphire… The pork was abit on the dry side but the flavour was there… Having it with the carrots and sautéed onions underneath makes it savoury and sweet… The brill however wasn’t as good as it looks


For dessert, the blackberry ice cream with yoghurt and honey biscuits are delicious.. Fresh and tangy cut by the thinly made biscuits..

Overall Harwood Arms could have been a better experience, some was overly seasoned and some just lack that level of oomph that would get me excited.
For the price I am paying I would say I am quite disappointed..

Harwood Arms on Urbanspoon
Square Meal


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