Honest Burgers.. Honestly…
Serve some pretty decent burgers..


With the burger scene going crazy in London, it is good time to check out already the renown local joint…

They serve chicken, beef and vegetable burgers and regular specials. But as a carnivore myself, I just had to go for their beef burger



While you wait get their homemade lemonade.. Very tangy and super refreshing!

So now let see their burgers


First their Honest burger


Medium/pink cooked beef patty with bacon, onion chutney, lettuce and cheese


The beef was juicy, perfectly cooked but just lack that intense flavour I looked for but eating with the sweet onion chutney, salty smoked bacon and melted cheese just couldn’t go wrong

Plus their beetroot and apple slaw is really good… Crunchy and sweet


Next their special of beef patty with smoked mozzarella, pancetta, salsa verde and grilled red peppers


A very interesting combination of flavours… The salsa verde and grilled peppers add the hint of spice and herbs to the sandwich and the mozzarella was oozing and stringy.. Yumm

Whenever in Soho, grab seat outside at Honest Burger, grab a burger and you’ll be leaving with a smile on your face

Price:££ (£13 plus drinks)

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