Story Deli is a hidden gem in East London… After moving to their new location in Brick Lane, things got even better!


Hidden in the 123 building, Story Deli serves one of the thinest pizza dough I have ever seen..


The atmosphere is cosy and the interior is very white, minimal and relaxing.. Perfect to enjoy the pizza


The gimic of having the pizza slicer on the table for you is a fun experience, being able to dissect your own pizza

So let’s see what I have


We ordered chorizo with garlic mushrooms and mascarpone, FICO or figs, goat cheese, sweet onion chutney covered by a bed of rocket!


When you put your slicer through.. You here a massive crack sound.. That came from the most thin and crispy pizza dough ever!


Take a look at the picture below.. That’s how thin it is..


For flavour wise, its an amazing combination


The chorizo was spicy and savoury, cut by the mild garlic mushrooms and creamy mascarpone… Delicious

The fig is sweet and tangy, perfect marriage with the goats cheese and the sweet onion chutney just add the savoury sweetness plus the rocket adds that bite and sharpness thats just go well all together…


The cheesecake however was too dense and the flavour just wasn’t right for me… But I can forgive them as the pizza is damn good

I could only say when in London, come eat pizza at Story Deli and you will never forget their most amazing thin crust and delicious toppings… A must try and you won’t be disappointed!

Bon Appetit

Price:££ (£20 plus drinks, £17 for every pizza)
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Square Meal


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