Atari-ya sushi bar and take out in the middle of James St. right next to Selfridges serve some really good Japanese sushi, sashimi, maki and nigiri


When I first came here, the food wasn’t up to standard but today my perception has changed


So lets see what has made me change my mind… First up, salmon chirashi don


The salmon is fresh, well marbled with fat and just delicious… Key to a good sushi is the rice and here its just right but unfortunate the texture was abit too hard


Their maki are pretty good as well, such as the spicy tuna roll and eel, avocado and cucumber with sweet unagi sauce but the tamago or japanese omelette was too salty and grainy…

Overall Atari-ya deliver some really fresh japanese staple at a very very cheap price.. So if you need a quick and great value sushi fix, Atari-ya would do

Price:£ (£8.50 for the salmon chirashi and £4-£5 for the maki)
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