Chabrot Bistrot D’Amis in Knightsbridge has good creditation from the Metro and the Guardian


However today, there both good and bad from my point of view…

Without a doubt the atmosphere is cosy and really gives you the feeling of a french bistro


With the complementary bread basket and creamy butter.. Its a good start…

So for the rest, let’s see how the food is



For starters go for the beef cappaccio with truffle dressing.. Thinly sliced pepper crust beef with aromatic and nutty truffle.. Delicious… The truffle pasta however was moderate… The pasta was abit too hard and the ham overpowers the truffle with it level of saltiness


For mains… The thinly sliced grilled veal with rosemary, lemon dressing just wasn’t right.. The combinations just wasn’t right.. The veal was well-done, the lemon dressing was bitter and the rosemary lost its character…a very disappointing dish



Next the stuff cabbage with mince veal, foie gras, croutons and crispy lardons… This is a very interesting dish.. But to be fair, the dressing was overly acidic that most of the stuffing flavours were overcome leaving you wanting to really want the foie gras and the veal to stand out


Another starter that we order was the warm duck paté with yorkshire pud.. The yorkshire pudding is crispy on the outside and stringy and doughy on the inside.. Delicious .. The pate’s flavour has a hint of spice and herb which really got me confused.. If it was just a classic paté flavour.. It would have been perfect



The desserts however was rather pleasant… The chocolate cake was nice and dense, the level of chocolate is perfect and the milk jam had that nice sweet and fragrant fruity note that goes wonderfully well with the chocolate

Adds their vanilla ice cream on top is just divine..

Chabrot Bistrot D’Amis has some hi and lows.. Some dish are outstanding and some just wasn’t right.. But would I come back? It is something I would really consider… The only thing that seems to be impressive is the starter and dessert.. With the price they are charging, the flavours could have hit that same note

Price:£££ (£40 -£50 plus wine)

Chabrot Bistrot d'Amis on Urbanspoon
Square Meal


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