Byron Hamburgers is well known in the british burger world, one of the most famous burger chain..20130817-142712.jpg

I once try their burger a long while ago and it was delicious20130817-142914.jpg

But with the new Big B special burger inspired by a trip to LA from the team, I just had to come try before it ends next week

Without further adu, let see what I have..


First up the chilli burger… The chilli sauce adds that awesome kick to the burger.. A really good combo.. Plus get their coleslaw, crunchy and peppery and french fries delicious!


Next the one I came for, two 3oz patties cooked medium as standard, two slices of cheese, burger sauce, lettuce in a potato bun


This is a really good burger.. Full of flavour, sweet and savoury.. Cheesy and eating it with your hands is very very satisfying after a night out… The only downside however was that medium standard cooking made the patty became abit tough and chewy…

Byron has kept it standards, it may not be the most fancy but it sure deliver flavours at amazing price.. And next time I will definitely get it medium rare!Price:£ (£15 plus drinks and sides)
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