Smith of Smithfield in Farringdon is the venture by the celebrity chef John Taroud… Known well here as the judge of Masterchef UK and celebrity Masterchef


With that credit to his name, I had high hopes for this place to be deliver some bang on Masterchef judge high standard cooking..

The dining room delivers both good and bad.. So let see what we order


Starters we got the buffalo mozzarella with roast tomato and prosciutto.. The dish was refreshing as its a cold starter but the flavour of the mozzarella wasn’t right for me… It had that smell and texture that didn’t seem to fit a good quality mozzarella…


But the mains were delicious… First the pork belly with ‘green sauce’ on a bed of mash was a blast but would be even better if the chef didn’t go heavy on the salt… The pork was well layered with fat and meat, crackling crispy skin and the herb sauce really lifts the dish up


Next the smoked haddock with spinach,poached eggs and hollandaise sauce was delicious… Smokey nutty flaky savoury haddock and the creamy and light sweet hollandaise all goes well together with the obvious poached eggs and spinach…


Up next, their 10oz rump steak with chips and mustard mayo… The flavours were there in the meat, the caramelised crust really adds that nice charred flavour.. But should have got that ribeye as the cut was too tough to chew


For dessert, the strawberry cheesecake cream and shortbread were delicious.. Sweet, acidic and crunchy all at the same time just couldn’t go wrong


Finally the toffee pudding.. The flavours were there but the sponge was abit too dense and grainy… If it was spongy and soft would have been perfect…

We also got the eton mess which was a mess as you could only taste cream..

Dinning Room at SOS delivers some really delicious mains such as the pork belly and the haddock but falls short on their starters…

Still somehow it lacked that umami moment that just want me to come back.. But with many recommendations on their take on breakfast, I would surely come try

Price:£££ (£40 plus drinks)
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